Saturday, May 2, 2009

Basic horse anatomy

An element of good horsemanship is knowning the basic parts of your horse.
Knowing the basic horse anatomy and the names for the different parts of tack is also important for communicating effectively with your horse's vet or or riding stable personnel.

Cannon Bone located between the knee and the fetlock, and the hock and the fetlock.
Chestnut Horny growth inside and above each knee, and inside and below each hock.
Coronary Band Where the hoof joins the leg -- where the hoof wall is produced. Source of growth and nutrition for the hoof wall and bars.
Croup Topline of horse from the top of the tail to the highest point of the hindquarters.
Fetlock Joint formed by the cannon, pastern and sesamoid bones.
Frog Triangular area located towards the back of the underside of the hoof.
Gaskin Part of the hind leg between the hock and the stifle.
Hock Joint in the hind leg joining the cannon bone and the gaskin.
Hoof The horse's foot.
Pastern Part of the leg between the coronet and the fetlock.
Withers The top of the shoulders, between the neck and the back. The highest point of the withers is used in measuring the horse's height.


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  2. YouTube video with vet explaining the anatomy of a horse’e leg with a horse, x-rays and scans.